Alcohol and Pregnancy Resource for Health Professionals

Alcohol Healthwatch in association with the University of Otago Wellington, has developed the Pregnancy and Alcohol Cessation Toolkit, an online resource to assist the many New Zealand healthcare professionals who say they don’t feel adequately trained to discuss alcohol use with their pregnant patients. For further information view the Pregnancy and Alcohol Cessation Toolkit media release (pdf).

Making Responsible Decisions about Drinking During Pregnancy.

Interested in knowing more about the effects of drinking alcohol during pregnancy?

The Online Guide to Making Responsible Decisions about Drinking during Pregnancy

is a great way to learn. Choose whether to get Just the Facts, Play a Game, or Follow a Story.

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Youth Social Media Campaign

Alcohol Healthwatch, Well Women and Family Trust  and  The Rotary Club of Parnell  launched the  Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Youth Social Media Campaign. The You-Tube campaign videos can be viewed on or by clicking the images below.

Picture 1  Babies + Booze: When You Drink, Your Baby Drinks (1) 

Picture 2 Babies + Booze: Personal Stories (2)

Picture 3 Babies + Booze: Support Your Mates When They're Not Drinking(3)

Picture4 Babies + Booze: Simon Rowley - Paediatrician (4) 

Picture 5  Babies + Booze: A Shout Out(5) 

 Picture 6 Babies + Booze: Jackie  (6)

Picture 7 Babies + Booze: Shona  (7)